Video to Digital Transfer

Your memories are carefully looked after!

With more than 20 years experience, we take great care transferring your precious old recorded footage to digital format.

This gives you peace of mind knowing all your cine reels and video tapes are safely and personally dealt with on-site. We convert a range of tapes to DVD & Digital format.

It’s more than just a videotape. We make sure your happy memories are carefully looked after! 

Transfer all your precious videos to Digital

Cine films and VHS videotapes deteriorate over time, while equipment for these video formats is becoming obsolete.

Please contact us for more information.  

How the process works

To get started please select from one of the drop down options.

For a Free Quote, call me or send me a message and a photo if you want with your requirements, to my WhatsApp or email so I can asses the work required and get back to you with a price.

Price is calculated by the total running time of tapes transfered to fit onto one DVD.
A maximum of 6 hours of running time will fit onto one DVD.
1 hour transfer time is £20, for 2 hours £30, 4 hours £40 and 6 hours £60
DVD to MPEG conversion is £10, saved to USB or electronically transferred.
Cine reel film transfer will be quoted on request

On approval of the pricing we can get started. Please select from one of the drop down options below to send your precious old recorded footage for transferring to digital.

Please note, a £20 deposit is required before transfer work starts. A payment link will be sent to you.

Mail your movie tapes and reels. If you select this option please send a message to this email link and I will reply with a postal address.

Suggest recorded delivery, we don’t want to lose your treasured footage.
If you want your old original tapes back, these can be returned to you in the same way.

Free Local (Kent CT21/20 post code), collection and delivery available.
I know how precious your old footage is, these movies deserve all the love, care and attention!

To make arrangements please send a message to my WhatsApp or email

On completion of your movie transfers, I will send you a payment link to your mobile phone or email address, which ever you prefer.
Once payment is received your movie transfer file(s) will be mailed or sent electronically to you.

Please note, a £20 deposit is required before transfer work starts.

Some of the many video formats and standards we work with include: VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, DV, Mini DV, media cards and mobile phones.

Video to Digital Transfer

We convert many formats to digital

If you have media cards, old videos tapes and cine film lying around the house, even mobile phones, trust us to transfer your VHS and any other formats onto DVD or a USB and other digital formats so they can be preserved and enjoyed for years to come.

Transferring  your digital files onto DVD or USB is a great way to revive all your photos and recorded memories so they can be preserved and enjoyed for years to come. 

Other Digital services

DVD to DVD copy
Media card movies to DVD

Any questions regarding video or any other format, please contact us with the service form link above or sent us an email message to

Alternatively send us a WhatsApp message and we’ll get back to you.

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