Restore all your old photographs

Lets bring your precious memories back to life

Restore all your old photographs
Restore all your old photographs

Your favourite old photos professionally restored

With over 20 years experience in restoring precious old photos, I can restore and revive your photos so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Lets get started

For a Free Quote, send me a snap shot photo of your damaged photo to my WhatsApp or email so I can quickly asses the restoration work and get back to you with a price.

Repair pricing depends on the level of damage to your old photo and if printed photos are required. Minor restoration work starts at £10 and prints sizes 4×6″  5×7″  6×8″ or larger on request.
On completion a high quality image will be sent to your email and if added, your prints will be posted to you via Royal Mail.

On approval of the pricing work proceeds.
To get started please select from one of the drop down options below to send me your damaged photos.

1. Flatbed scanner. Scan your original in RGB at the same size (100%)
2. Set scan resolution to 300dpi or higher, up to 600dpi for small photos.
3. No auto adjustments and crop close to the edges of the photo.
4. Save scan as Jpeg with High Quality setting and minimum compression. Alternatively send a TIF file.
5. Select here to upload your photos or email (no compressing of attachments)
6. No scanner? Ask a friend to scan your photo.

No Scanner? Take a photo with the best digital camera or mobile phone available

1. Take the photo square/parallel to the original image with a close-up fit.
2. No flash but in good light.
3. In focus.
4. Set the camera/phone photo size quality setting to its maximum.
5. Send photo to my email or upload your photos with this link. (no compressing of attachments)

Mail your original photos. For best results each photo gets scanned at high resolution. If you select this option please send a message to this email link and I’ll reply with postal address.

I suggest recorded delivery, we don’t want to lose your treasured photos.
Your original photos will be returned back to you in the same way.

Free Local (Kent CT21/20 post code), collection and delivery available.
I know how precious your old photos are, they deserve all the love, care and attention!

To make arrangements please send a message to my WhatsApp or email

Completed restorations are sent to your email for checking.
Please let us know of any changes that you want and we will revise these to your approval.

Once you happy and approve your restorations, I will send you a payment link to your mobile phone or email address, which ever you prefer.
Once payment is received the final restored image(s) will be sent to your email address. Alternatively if a disc or USB with saved restorations and prints has been requested, these will be posted to you via Royal Mail.

Send me your Damaged Photos

Select the Upload Button to send me your photos required for restoration.

Restore all your old photographs

Photo Restoration

Restore torn, missing sections, damaged and faded old photos.

Repair damaged photos

Remove or add objects from backgrounds. Dust, stains, scratches, dirt spots, mould, water damage, Pen, paint and biro marks.

Black & white colourisation

Bring precious black and white photos to life in stunning, accurate and natural colour.

What you get

You will receive a new digital file restored close to the original as per your instructions. This high quality file can be printed at home or a printing store.
A printed copy of selected size is an optional choice which can be mailed to you.

If you have any restoration questions, please send me a message.

Hold on to your family history!

Restore photographs from negatives, slides, digital media and existing damaged photos using digital technology to give your photos a new lease of life. 

Everything is restored digitally and can be saved onto a disc or USB for you, its a great way to revive all your photos memories so they can be preserved and enjoyed for years to come.

Restore all your old photographsRestore all your old photographs

Why restore your old photographs?

It’s not just a photograph, it’s a treasured family memory. Over time, these photos will become damaged or start to fade, so you need to act now to make sure they’re preserved forever.

Restore all your old photographs

Turn old photos into printed gifts

Once your restored photos have been saved digitally, it’s easy to print them on all kinds of amazing personalised gifts with their favourite old family photos!
Check out my product shop for more great gift ideas from canvas prints, mugs, cushions, framed posters, collage foam board prints and more!

Restore all your old photographs

Any questions regarding restoration work, please contact me with the service form link above or sent me an email message to

Alternatively send me a WhatsApp message and I’ll get back to you.

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